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Four Oaks Weather
Reporting current weather conditions from Moore Farm
Located 4 miles south-east of Four Oaks, NC.

Current Conditions
(Updated Every 5 Mins)
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  • Current Outside Temperature  Current Outside Humidity  Current Outside Dewpoint

    Current Wind Chill  Current THW Index  Current Outside Heat Index

    Current Wind Direction  Current Barometer  Current Wind Speed

    Outside Temp History  Barometer History

    Today's Rain  Storm Rain Total  Current Rain Rate  Monthly Total Rain  Yearly Total Rain

    SWat 0.0mph
    29.980 in &  Steady
    Today's Rain
    0.00 in
    Rain Rate
    0.00 in/hr
    Storm Total
    0.00 in
    Monthly Rain
    6.04 in
    Yearly Rain
    24.20 in
    Wind Chill
    THW Index
    Heat Index
    Today's Highs/Lows

    High Temperature

    Low Temperature

    82.4F   at  12:00a

    79.4F  at    2:09a

    High Humidity

    Low Humidity

    90%    at   1:51a

    84%   at   12:00a

    High Dewpoint

    Low Dewpoint

    77.0F   at  12:00a

    76.0F  at   1:03a

    High Wind Speed

    4.0 mph   at   1:33a

    High Barometer

    Low Barometer

    30.002 in   at  12:04a

    29.978 in  at   1:48a

    High Rain Rate

    0.00 in/hr   at  ----

    Low Wind Chill

    79.0F   at   2:09a

    High Heat Index

    92.0F   at  12:00a

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    **Disclaimer: This is a personal weather station maintained by David Parker. No claims or guarantees are made regarding the accuracy of data contained on this site. As such, the data on this site should not be used for safety related activity or for planning events which coincide with particular weather conditions.**